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Wadatsumi (Restaurant)

Poseidon Group not only supplies ingredients internationally, but we are also striving to spread Japanese cuisine globally through our own restaurant. Currently with multiple locations in the United States, Singapore and Japan, our restaurant Wadatsumi offers a wide variety of items on its menu with top quality ingredients. And as we directly own the restaurant, we are able to flexibly adjust the ingredients and styles of our dishes to suit any need for any occasion or patrons' preferences. We also collaborate with people in different countries, who are interested in managing a Washoku/Japanese restaurant business. We consult with them and provide them with the know-how and technology directly from Wadatsumi, Japan, while researching the needs and preferences of their country and region.

Currently, the "Wadatsumi brand" is gaining associates in many parts of the world in our new attempt to meet worldwide demand for Japanese food.

We will continue to thrive to meet the diverse needs of people throughout the world through the Wadatsumi brand. With the motto, "providing fresh ingredients from around the globe to your table at Wadatsumi" we hope to continu

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Torrance, CA U.S.A

Address: 1757 W Carson St, R&S, Torrance CA 90501

Tel: (310) 782-7356

Maruyamacho Tokyo, Japan

Address: 6-1 Maruyamacho, Shibuya,Tokyo 1500044

Tel: +81 3-6416-9634

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